About Us

About Us

earthday365 is a St. Louis-based environmental non-profit who envisions a resilient, interconnected, and thriving human and natural environment for all generations. Founded as “St. Louis Earth Day” in 2002, earthday365 has built its reputation on its annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival, and now has expanded into a year-round organization which includes its Green Dining Alliance and Recycling On the Go programs.

Our Recycling On the Go program provides waste management at events and festivals in the St. Louis area through recycling and composting. During the pandemic, as events and festivals were continually canceled, we had to re-evaluate what the future of our program was going to look like. We had already been contemplating a reusable to-go container program, so this gave us the opportunity to create our pilot program: Kind Box.

During this time, we also created a Food Scraps Drop Off program at Tower Grove and Ferguson Farmers’ Markets for residents to compost their food scraps, and Environmental Justice Days of Action. We work with community partners and organizations to provide promotion and volunteers to complete a short-term goal in communities affected by Environmental Justice issues, mostly clean ups of illegal dumping.

The Green Dining Alliance has continued to work with area restaurants in auditing and certifying them as sustainable restaurants based on Recycling & Waste Reduction, Sourcing & Procurement, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation/Efficiency, Chemical Use, Awareness & Education, and Innovation. Restaurants commit to ban Styrofoam, recycle, and phase in energy-efficient lighting. The GDA offers restaurants practical, pragmatic strategies to help them lower their environmental impact. There are currently 110+ restaurants in the Green Dining Alliance.

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Kind Box subscription provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy take out from some of your favorite Green Dining Alliance restaurants. You can enjoy good food knowing you’re not contributing to the waste stream.


Kind Box is a free service for users. We take a $5 deposit each time you check out a container. Once returned, the money gets credited back to your account. We never store your credit card information on our servers.

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