Kind BoxFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees for containers that are not returned?

Yes. The $5 deposit will not be returned to the user after 30 days as a replacement container fee. Kind Box’s mobile application checks out containers by QR code at the time food is purchased so containers remain on the user account until returned. Users with outstanding boxes receive a reminder notification directly to their mobile phones after 48 hours. In similar programs, most users have returned their containers within a few days.

Can the reduction of environmental impacts be tracked?

Yes – all containers will have individual date, time stamp, location, and user information beginning at time of purchase. This gives us a variety of metrics associated with waste reduction and can even quantify potential savings a customer stands to benefit from in waste reduction, labor, and waste removal costs. With individual QR codes, the containers’ use information can be tracked. You can track your own impact participating in the Kind Box program in the Impact tab.

How are Kind Boxes washed and sanitized?

The boxes are collected from our Return Stations and taken to a commercial kitchen where they are washed and sanitized according to Health Department standards. The clean boxes are then delivered back to participating restaurants.

Why aren’t there more participating restaurants?

For our pilot program, we decided to start with three Green Dining Alliance restaurants, all of whom opted in. We plan to expand to more restaurants after the completion of our pilot program.